Learning how to make felt in an evening

Laying outIn preparation for my new introduction to felt making workshop, my two friends from work volunteered to learn how to make felt.

Here they are laying down the fibres for a test piece. We worked to a set size with a given amount of wool. This shows you how to gauge the amount of wool required.

Wetting the fibresNow the fibres are covered with netting and wetted thoroughly. Unperfumed soap is rubbed over the netting till a lather develops.

Checking the fibres

The netting is peeled back carefully and we check to see if there are any dry spots.

Rolling the feltThe wool fibres are sandwiched between two pieces of bubblewrap then rolled round a foam roller. Pipe insulation works fine.

Then we roll, and roll, and roll..  100 times in each direction, then flip over and repeat on the other side.The final rollThe felt will now start to feel more solid, so time to increase the amount of pressure when rolling.

Almost finishedNearly done, after a brisk rub, the felt is rolled in a bamboo mat, then rinsed thoroughly to remove all the soap.The finished picture

And here are the finished pieces. I was very impressed with result.

We all agreed it was a thoroughly relaxing and entertaining evening that everyone could enjoy.

You can find out if you like to make felt by coming to my workshop in Heswall on 14th September at 6:30 (see my earlier post for details).

To book a place please email



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