Felt Pictures

This pieces expresses my love of Liverpool and has been embellished with mohair yarn and wool fibre

Grandma’s shop in Anglezark st, Liverpool
A Wharhol inspired sketch of terraced houses
This tablet was constructed from layers of different coloured prefelt, wet felted, then scuplted.

Quantum Cat I and II was exhibited recently at St Helens Glass Museum

Merino wool, silk fabric and prefelt. Design based on an old american advert.
Merino wool, Eco dyed silk chiffon and wool roving
Merino wool, fabric, yarn and prefelt. Inspired by a 1950s photo of my grandmothers shop
Prefelts and mohair yarn is used to create this picture
Inspired by faded hand painted advertising
Inspired by faded hand painted advertising signs
Inspired by faded hand painted advertising signage
Merino wool, fabric, prefelt

Merino wool, silk and cotton fabric, yarn.
Wet felted, stitched

The Rainbow Dog

The Rainbow dog is made from free machine embroidered felted merino wool

Bristol streets

This picture depicts the colourful houses on the rolling hills of Bristol. A merino wool base was free machine embroidered.