Linn Park take three

A walk in the parkV_corfu 196I have been attempting to capture the essence of Linn Park, Glasgow for a while now and thought I would share my latest attempt. The lower picture shows my initial layout laid onto a design board.

If you would like to experiment with designs then please make yourself a design board. It is just a flat piece of felt made from 2 layers of a coarse wool such as Norwegian. The design board gently holds the fibres in place whilst you play around with the design very effectively.

This design evolved into the top image which incorporates various silk fabrics and merino wool prefelts.

West Kirby Walk

west kirby walkThis piece is entitled West Kirby Walk and was inspired by a photo I took whilst walking on the beach there.

Merino wool was embellished with silk paper and silk fibre then wet felted and stitched.

This work has been donated for auction to raise funds for the charity MIND.

Update: We raised an amazing sum of over £1500 on Friday 15th april.  As the final lot in our auction, “West Kirby Walk” raised £50.